Holy Crap, Tomorrow’s My Birthday

Tomorrow I’m gonna be 26… officially closer to 30 than 2o. This is honestly the first birthday I’m not particularly excited for. I’m not heartbroken or depressed, but 26 is pretty meh. Besides, I’m working at 8:45am. Yay me!

So celebrating isn’t gonna be my “thing” this year, but for once in my life I’m relaxed about how old I am. No promises that this contentment is gonna last very long, because to be honest I think this is just the denial psyching me out. But I’m happy. So far this year I’ve really been way more positive and optimistic about things, and it’s felt amazing. So in honor of my 26th year starting tomorrow, here are 25 awesome things that I did or that happened in my life while I was 25!

  1. Transferred out of my merchandise role and back into the job I really love doing here.
  2. Added an awesome new roommate to our apartment
  3. Saw the opening preview of Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway
  4. Welcomed my baby niece into the world
  5. Spent a weekend in Lancaster with the amazing ladies in my family
  6. Became best friends with some of the most amazing people in the world from work
  7. Got pictures in front of Cinderella’s castle, on an empty Main Street at night, with the Christmas lights
  8. Filed my own taxes (and only called my dad to make sure I was doing it right twice)
  9. Went to the new EPCOT Festival of the Arts
  10. Went to Luke’s Diner!
  11. Dressed up as an Aristocat and went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
  12. Spent my birthday at EPCOT and ate by the water at Rose & Crown
  13. Learned to make 5+ new recipes
  14. Saw the final performance of Dream Along with Mickey
  15. Read, like, a TON of books and plays
  16. Learned to make caramel apples, krispies, and cake pops (etc) at work
  17. Saw Sugar Ray and Hanson in concert, for free. Again.
  18. Saw Robby Benson read for the Candlelight Processional
  19. Spent the day in New York with my brothers and took a selfie with the Empire State Building
  20. Saw my bestie while I visited home and saw a really cool local theatre performance
  21. Wore matching elf outfits with my cat for Christmas
  22. Finally got my 1-Year pin at work
  23. Got more into yoga
  24. Ate my first Sprinkles cupcake
  25. Rode out a “hurricane” with a ton of awesome girlfriends

So 25, you’ve been pretty good to me… 26, let’s raise the bar even higher!

Talk to ya’ll soon!




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