Just 20 Thoughts I’ve Thought Today

I have no witty introduction paragraph for this post, it is literally just 20 thoughts I’ve had today. Here we go

  1. Why doesn’t America better utilize hostels? Europe has them everywhere and people stay in them and it’s cool. And I know a ton of people who’s bucket list includes seeing all 50 states. This would make hostels ideal, particularly for the local ‘Muricans. Why has no one capitalized on this?
  2. How many times listening to the entire Dear Evan Hansen in a row is too many times?

  3. Question to those headaches you get because your nose is so stuffy that it feels like mucus is going to explode through your eyes: Why?
  4. IISuperwomanII is the coolest person ever and why can I not be a cool vlogger like her?
  5. Why don’t my cats understand personal space well enough to save their crotch-licking for when they aren’t sitting next to me on my own bed?
  6. Is the fact that the only men I’m interested in are famous a sign that one day I will actually marry a celebrity or is it just a sign that my standards are unrealistic? When I think about it, my standards are like “be a good person with goals” but then at the same time, I do not want to date literally anyone I know in real life. Maybe my turn off is realizing human flaws so I should probably just resign myself to a life with only animals and continue my celebrity worship from afar. Stay on that pedestal where you belong, James McAvoy, I don’t want to hear about the things that make you “real.”
  7. That made me sound narcissistic and awful, but I swear I was, like, 90% joking.
  8. Out of the six books I have read this year four of them have been nonfiction? When did I develop an interest in real things? One of them was even about SCIENCE. Who am I?
  9. I am giving up $60 on my next paycheck by calling out today so that I don’t make restaurant guests uncomfortable by my incessant sniffling and coughing, and for that I think I actually deserve the money anyway because I put other people above my decreasing ability to pay my rent this month.
  10. Why is there still no Starbucks frappuccino delivery service? It’s 2017 how about we start ACTING LIKE IT?
  11. Is that even how you spell “frappuccino”?
  12. I bought the entire Aristocats tsum tsum collection and I’m not even that obsessed with that movie in comparison to other Disney films, but these are still officially my favorite tsum tsums ever anyway? Mostly because of this guy:

    I will never be this cool
  13. When did I become the type of person who will take so long to finish her coffee that it will get completely cold  but then because I don’t want to waste it I will still finish it when there is no enjoyment to be had from it anymore?
  14. Bullet journals are awesome but I don’t understand why everyone gets so stressed out about them like they’re so overwhelming? It’s literally a planner. You make an index, you write down things for the month and for the individual day, and then you bullet mark your random thoughts. That’s literally all that is required. Everything else is an optional addition. This is the easiest thing I’ve ever done and I’ve never been more organized in my life. Why do Buzzfeed and the bullet journal website go out of their way to over-complicate this?
  15. You know what’s better than a log cabin? Literally nothing. Summer in a log cabin, with a hammock outside and a warm breeze? Relaxing as crap. Christmas in a log cabin? Nothing more magical exists. Spring in a log cabin with flowers and swing sets and Easter egg hunts? Perfect setting. Halloween in a log cabin? Best haunted house of your life. Log cabins, man.
  16. For someone who reads a lot of plays, I don’t own nearly enough scripts. I should have an entire bookshelf just for plays. I am a theatre nerd disgrace.
  17. I want to light a candle but it would be such a waste since I CANNOT BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE AT ALL. This is also a real problem for my daily yoga routine because I can’t take deep relaxing breaths through my nose and that’s kind of a huge part of the whole yoga thing for some reason. I think. I don’t know, I just want to be more flexible so that I can do a split at random times and people will be like “woah you can do a split” and I’ll be like “yeah, of course I can, I’m naturally flexible” even though that would be a lie because I actually have been training my whole life to do this. And by my whole life so far I mean like the past 4 weeks  but like only three times a week because who has time to do yoga every single day? Not me, that’s who.
  18. That started with candles and I am not sure how my brain ended up here. I would blame it on the cold medicine I’ve been taking if I had actually taken any, but I don’t have any so I haven’t taken any.
  19. This whole post is a hot mess, whoops.
  20. The whole debate about if Jack could’ve fit on the door with Rose still to this day bothers me because I don’t think anyone ever factors in weight distribution because MAYBE that would’ve effected the ability of the door to hold two people, even if space-wise they could have fit, and also it’s stupid to blame Rose for not moving over because how was she supposed to know that the stupid lifeboats were going to wait until EVERYONE FROZE TO DEATH before they came back to check? Don’t blame Rose, blame the lifeboat people, but don’t put too much blame on the guy that wanted to come back sooner. You know, the one who went on from Titanic to star in the hit movie 102 Dalmatians (and yes, I did know that off the top of my head and without checking IMDB because I am the kind of person that knows these useless things, because I am amazing with faces). But yeah, don’t blame him too much. In fact, let’s all blame Cal. Or if you are dying to blame Rose, don’t blame her for not moving over, blame her for HAVING A SPOT ON A LIFEBOAT AND THEN JUMPING BACK ONTO THE SHIP IN THE FIRST PLACE, BECAUSE JACK IS 100% RIGHT, THAT WAS REALLY STUPID, ROSE. If you had just stayed on the lifeboat, Jack would’ve had the door to himself. You enormous dumb dumb.

Okay, now you all know what the inside of my brain looks like on a daily basis.

And for that I am so so sorry.

Talk to ya’ll soon,






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