Holy Crap, Tomorrow’s My Birthday

Tomorrow I’m gonna be 26… officially closer to 30 than 2o. This is honestly the first birthday I’m not particularly excited for. I’m not heartbroken or depressed, but 26 is pretty meh. Besides, I’m working at 8:45am. Yay me! So celebrating isn’t gonna be my “thing” this year, but for once in my life I’m… Continue reading Holy Crap, Tomorrow’s My Birthday


Just 20 Thoughts I’ve Thought Today

I have no witty introduction paragraph for this post, it is literally just 20 thoughts I’ve had today. Here we go Why doesn’t America better utilize hostels? Europe has them everywhere and people stay in them and it’s cool. And I know a ton of people who’s bucket list includes seeing all 50 states. This… Continue reading Just 20 Thoughts I’ve Thought Today

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I’m Too Old For This (said the twenty-something)

When I was in high school, the only thing I absolutely wanted to do was study theatre in college. Maybe I’d move to New York or another big city, or maybe I’d work in D.C., and maybe I’d have a career that didn’t involve theatre at all. But I’d be happy because I’d just perform… Continue reading I’m Too Old For This (said the twenty-something)