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Good Things: Week 3 (Women’s March Edition)


Around not only the country, but the entire world today, hundreds of thousands of protestors came together in support of women’s rights. I am THRILLED. All day I have been riding the high of seeing how many of my friends made their way to D.C. and I am incredibly proud. I wish I had been able to make my way to one, but I hereby promise myself that I will not, for any reason, miss the next one (because you know this was only the beginning!)

So I think it’s safe to say there is plenty of awesome on the internet about this whole thing today. And because of the glowing pride I have for my fellow feminists, my whole list this week is dedicated to the awesome internet links I have found about the protests or in relation to what all the incredible people today were marching for. (Mostly from Buzzfeed, because they were killing it today, sorry not sorry).

  1. These Buzzfeed articles with pictures and signs from the protests in America and around the world.
  2. This collection of tweets about #WomenWhoHaveInspiredMe from Bustle.
  3. ABC News’s YouTube video with the ENTIRE 6 HOUR LIVE FEED of the protests. (But trust me ya’ll, don’t read the comments and don’t feed the trolls).
  4. This article that’s literally just about Chrissy Teigen’s reaction to the inauguration.
  5. The reasons these women shared about why they were marching. (Because for some reason, people keep asking why, but then ignoring it when they’re given answers…)
  6. The Women’s March Twitter, the hashtag, and the fact that there is an automatic female symbol emoji when you use the hashtag on Twitter today.
  7. The tweets from all the celebs that were out there doing the dang thing in their respective cities today, and everyone who tweeted in solidarity because they could not attend.
  8. The United State of Women website where you can learn about ways to get involved in the movement, even if you were unable to join the protesters today.
  9. HeForShe, an organization dedicated to men and women standing together. More details on the site!

May this always be a reminder to us about how powerful women are, and how much we can do when we all stand together.

“Grab ’em by the patriarchy” 😉

Talk to ya’ll soon!





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