I Just Really Like Sleepovers, Okay?

Sleepovers: the ultimate tween birthday party idea. As a 25 year old woman, some may say I’m past the target age for this kind of thing. But those people are dumb. I will never let go of my love for having nights in with my girls. Especially since going out every night is not quite my cup of tea.

And so, my fellow twenty-somethings (and up), in case it’s been a while since you’ve had a quality girls night at your place, I’m here to tell you my super easy recipe for an awesome sleepover.

  1. First and foremost, decide if you’re going for any sort of theme. Obviously this kind of thing is supposed to be chill, so going all out is unnecessary. But a semi-themed night can be as easy as deciding what kind of movies you’ll be marathoning. Horror films? Musicals? Or my personal fave, 90s Teen Throwbacks? Once you’ve decided what you’re going for here you can move on to…
  2. …picking out your movies! Are you gonna binge-watch some Harry Potter? Or are you going for a double feature of 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s All That (the two most important films of 1999, obviously).

  3. Music. Necessary background noise for when you’re all talking, or important part of the night for a Meredith/Cristina-esque dance party. If you’re going with my 90s theme, CLEARLY your playlist should be all boybands and Britney. You’re welcome for making this so easy for you.
  4. dunkaroos-featured-280x196Snacks. Popcorn and/or chips are givens for almost every scenario. Add some pizza bagels and homemade Dunkaroos dip (Pinterest it, it’s worth it) and you’re set for the 90s night. If the 90s aren’t your thing (you weirdo??), order a pizza and make ice cream sundaes or something. The point is, you should probably just make this a great night of all the junk food.
  5. Activities. Okay, this is not really necessary for a chill night with the girls, but if you want to do more than just watch movies, you can always add something else to your night. Maybe play a round of a board game. SceneIt? is a personal fave, along with Cranium, Cards Against Humanity, or Life. (If you have an awesome friend with a copy of Jumanji, this is THE must-play 90s game). Board games aren’t your thing? Find a Pinterest craft, participate in the mandatory 90s-teen film makeover, or break out some video games (Mario Kart or Just Dance are fool-proof fun times, I do not care how old you are).

And that’s it! No actual planning is really required to be honest (unless you have some very specific ideas in mind for that Pinterest craft), as all of these decisions can be made super quickly, so what are you waiting for? Call up your friends, throw on your pajamas, and find the number for your favorite pizza place.

And to any of my friends reading this, what time should I expect you here tonight? ;D

Talk to ya’ll soon!




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