Good Things: Week One

To wrap up week one of this year, I’ve decided to leave a list of good stuff. Good news, cute animals, anything that I’ve happened to come across or be reminded of this week to help me focus on positives this year. This isn’t to ignore that bad things happen or to pretend that every moment of life has to be full of joy. But hopefully it will serve as a reminder that, in the face of the negative, there is still something good to be found in every day and, to quote John Green, “hope is not crazy.”

So here’s some good stuff!

  1. That hilarious, low budget animal shelter commercial, which I’m sure you’ve seen by now
  2. The existence of Tom Hanks
  3. The “People Are Awesome” YouTube channel
  4. Ed Sheeran’s two new singles (brb, listening to “Castle on the Hill” again
  5. The Too Faced eyeshadow palettes that I CAN. NOT. GET. OVER.
  6. Bath and Body Works candles
  7. Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair in the 90s (and the fact that apparently Cole Sprouse is bringing that back)
    You’re doing us a real solid, Cody Martin
  8. The feeling of laying down between freshly cleaned sheets right after a shower
  9. This video from SoulPancake
  10. The fact that over 18,000 of Lilly Singh’s (IISuperwomanII) #GirlLove bracelets have been sold so far (and more importantly, that they are still available!)

And that’s just the beginning. Who else is pumped to see what other good things the world has to offer us? What’s your favorite positive reminder? And tell me you all appreciate that 90s hairstyle as much as I do.

Talk to y’all soon!




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