After much thought about what I want to accomplish in the coming year, I am finally content with the list of New Year’s resolutions that I’ve come up with. It’s a little more lengthy than I wanted… My plan was to have 5-10 solid goals to aim for. But I’ve got so much I want to try this year that once I started making the list, more ideas just shot out of my brain. So I’ve ended up with a list of 25 things instead. Anyway, this post is pretty straightforward so I’ll stop babbling now. Here’s my list!

1. Read 50 books and 25 plays (Maybe participate in the Popsugar reading challenge)
2. Save money for emergency fund (and for travel).  I’ve needed an emergency fund for a while, so it might be time to get it together and actually do it… kind of important.
3. Get passport and use it.
4. Wash face every day. No more going to sleep with my makeup still on. By far going to be the most difficult resolution for my lazy butt to stick with.
5. Make bed every morning and wash all dishes in the sink every night.
6. Read more quality and varied news. Especially world news.
7. Get Florida library card
8. Volunteer. (Camp Boggy Creek, I will talk to you soon)
9. Practice the piano… once I get my keyboard from home…
10. Sing more. Important.
11. Learn a new recipe every month
12. Find a fitness activity I enjoy and do it often
13. Drink more water/buy a new water bottle
14. Focus on learning American Sign Language (and start learning a new spoken language)
15. Become CPR/First Aid certified
16. Buy fairy lights!!!!! (THIS IS A NEED).
17. Go outside more. Fresh air = instant joy and calm
18. Audition for something. I miss performing more than anything.
19. Celebrate holidays to the fullest extent I can. (Hope you’re ready for my absurd dedication to this one, roomies)
20. Take at least one picture every day and post it on the ol’ Insta.
21. Say Facebook happy birthdays every day. Last year I decided not to stress about them and posted so few birthday messages. This year I’m gonna get everyone. 🙂
22. Call home once a week. (Miss you Mom and Dad!)
23. Write Christmas cards. Sent a few this year and felt like such a legit grown up for once.
24. Leave the “Disney bubble” more often. Time to see what the rest of Orlando has to offer… I mean, I’ve been here three years now, so it might be time.
25. Create something. Maybe cheap Pinterest crafts, maybe a book for NaNoWriMo… who knows? So many possibilities.

And there you have it! My personal 25 goals for 2017. Are any of these on your list too? What other goals are you aiming for this year? I hope you’re as excited about filling this year with amazingness as I am!

See ya’ll soon!




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