A Wordy Post About Other People’s Words

If you know me at all then you know I am a huge fan of planning things, and particularly list-making (see: the name of my blog…) so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I love the concept of New Year’s Resolutions. The problem I have is knowing when to stop or how specific vs. how broad to leave my goals. I don’t want to stress myself out with way too many nit-picky things, but I also don’t know if I would hold myself accountable enough if a goal is too vague.

This year I’ve decided to let the words of others inspire me. So before I finalize my list, I’ve made a “starter list” of quotes to try and focus on and live by this year. They already kind of work as resolutions alone as it is! Perhaps reading them will help inspire you as well. Or at least the concept can encourage you to seek out quotes more applicable to what you want to accomplish this year.

Without further ado, here are some quotes to help inspire your 2017:

Yes, I am a 25 (almost 26) year old woman with a poster on my door.

“Practice reckless optimism.” -Hannah Hart. Because pessimism may take no effort but it is still exhausting and there is nothing to be gained from it. Optimism can be hard work, but at the end of the day it’s incredibly rewarding. Even if something knocks you down, optimism is what helps pick you back up so that you’re ready for whatever new (and better) alternative life is preparing for you.

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway.” -Carrie Fisher (RIP). Because everything worth doing is at least a little bit scary and the only way to stop being afraid of something is to face it. Plus, we owe this one to Carrie. Honor her this year by not forgetting the amazing things she’s said and done in her life.

“Create the things you wish existed.” -??? (I have no idea who said this and a quick Google search proved unhelpful, but if anyone knows who said this I would love to know). BUT THIS IS SUCH A GREAT GOAL. It’s so simple and so obvious. Everyone struggles sometimes with knowing what it is they want to do or if what they’re already doing is truly fulfilling to them. So when in doubt, work on creating things that you wish were already in the world. This doesn’t just apply to the arts and it doesn’t just apply to your career. If you’re passionate enough about something to really wish for it, be passionate enough to do something about it. (Even Cinderella took things into her own hands eventually).

“When you can’t find someone to follow, you have to find a way to lead by example.” -Roxane Gay. I’m going to be blunt. A lot of people suck. They can be lazy, rude, or just not have a clue how to handle a situation that they should be perfectly capable of taking charge of. So when left in frustrating situations like that, rather than letting it discourage you, use it as an opportunity to lead. No more relying on others to change on their own. Enact change. Someone has to inspire people. Might as well be you.

“I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one” -Calamity Jane. Self-explanatory, right? Stop waiting to become someone different from you. Just be whoever you want to be right now. I don’t know how I actually feel about Calamity Jane as far as being a “role model” goes, but I say this is still solid advice. Go out and be a legend.

Before I continue to babble on and on and this post becomes never-ending, I’ll just stop here and let these quotes sink in. Ponder over them and let me know what you think! What quotes are going to fuel your goals this year?

See ya’ll soon!




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