Kicking Off A New (Better) Year

Welcome to lucky number ’17, lovelies!

*Cheers to a new year*

After a rather, shall we say, interesting year, I have resolved to make 2017 as better-than-that as I can. This year I look forward to new adventures and new friends. It will be a year of laughing, learning, and showing so much love to one another. We have so much magic ahead of us! I for one am fully embracing my optimism.

For me that begins with a relaxing day to myself to unwind and recharge, (followed tomorrow by a day of careful but flexible planning, because I can’t resist the urge to make a few lists).

And what exactly have I been doing for my lazy new year kick off? Three important things:

  1. Woke up this morning in the house of the best friend that I made in 2016 (because despite the utter pile of crap 2016 provided, it also got a few things right and put some amazing people in my life).
  2. Spent my morning reassessing my new year’s resolutions from her couch and watching Friends.
  3. Ate my leftover chocolate s’mores cheesecake for breakfast


And now I am home, writing the blog post I promised myself I’d write with my cats curled up next to me, a cup of coffee steaming on the table, and Bridget Jones’s Diary playing on the TV. If there is a better way to begin the year, I have no idea what that would be.

What else have I got planned for today? ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Maybe I’ll read. Maybe I’ll toss a bath bomb into the tub and relax. Maybe I’ll watch the newest videos from all my YouTube subscriptions. All I know is that I’m spending my day relaxed, recharging, and ready for whatever 2017 has to throw at me.

Enjoy your new year, beautiful humans! See ya’ll soon.





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